Name: VIP [Lifetime]
Price: 26.99 USD

Become a VIP member of the Fillory community and receive a plethora of quality of life features, bragging rights, cosmetics, and show your support for the server!


- Lifetime status as "VIP" (prefix included.)

- A premium Housing License allowing you to set THREE different /sethome locations.

- Access to the /back command allowing easy return to points of death or returning to a previous location you teleported from. (On a short warmup/cooldown.)

- The ability to talk in chat with any color in the game by typing the "&b" or color format code before your messages.

- Access to a premium "VIP" only kit on a daily cooldown.

- Priority VIP login & technical support with mods.

- Instant VIP upgrade within the discord community to elevate you above the rest and give you further discord powers.

- Receive an initial lump sum payment of $14,999

- Receive two of the insanely rare and possibly powerful "Unclaimed Black Market Container Loot Boxes" to open at your leisure.