Name: Supreme [Lifetime]
Price: 158.99 USD

Only the elite few members of the Fillory community will ever attain such greatness as to ascend among the "Supreme" chosen ones. You will receive a plethora of quality of life features, bragging rights, cosmetics, and show your support for the server!


- Lifetime status as "Supreme" (prefix included w/ MAGIC CHARACTERS & Bold Text)

- A SUPREME Housing License allowing the ability to set AN INFINITE number of cross-dimensional /sethome locations.

- Receive an initial lump sum payment of $105,999 (A $75 STORE VALUE)

- The ability to HANDCRAFT fully custom nicknames including magic characters and all colors, AT WILL, FOREVER.

- Receive TEN of the insanely rare and possibly powerful "Unclaimed Black Market Container Loot Boxes" to open at your leisure.

- LIFETIME "Server Booster" status within the discord server and access to the private luxury "Ascendants" chat channel and all its content. This also grants you the "PRIORITY SPEAKER" function in voice channels. Additionally, you are also granted the VIP+ upgrade within the discord community (750,000 DC Value) to elevate you above the rest and give you the highest discord powers.

- PORTABLE access to your enderchest from any location with the /enderchest command!
- 55 Stacks of 64 EXP BOTTLES to level up your Skills Tree in your inventory or the class-based skills menu accessed by pressing B.

- LIFETIME +5 ENTRY Bonus to our bi-weekly community GAME KEY giveaways.

- ANVIL access on the go with the /anvil command and all its additional exemptions!

- The ability to Extinguish yourself at will with the /extinguish command!

All previous rank "VIP" AND "VIP+" rewards:

- No Cooldown or Warmup timer on /home, /tpa, /rtp, or /warp.

- Access to the /kittycannon command. Who wouldn't want to assert their dominance by blasting explosive cats at their foes?

- Access to the /back command allowing easy return to points of death or returning to a previous location you teleported from. (NO COOLDOWN, NO WARMUP.)

- The ability to talk in chat with all the colors by typing "&" commands before your messages, ADDITIONALLY, you can use Magic characters and "Styles" such as Bold.

- The ability to talk in chat with the VIP rank color by typing "&b" before your messages.

- Access to a premium "VIP" only kit on a separate daily cooldown.

- Access to a premium "VIP+" only kit on a separate daily cooldown.

- Higher priority VIP + login & technical support with mods. (Above VIP+.)